Welcome to the website of Kasey Mackenzie!

Hey there!  If you like strong heroines, sexy heroes, and magic mixed with suspense, check out my fiery urban fantasy series, Untamed Elements. The first quartet, Phoenix on the Rise, includes Book 1: Reborn in Fire; Book 2: Forged from Flame, and Book 3: Embraced by Embers, which releases on July 30, 2019. Book 4: Ignited by Ashes will be out a couple months after that.

I plan to publish more in the series (including quartets from other POV characters like Dia and Rhianne as well as at least one more from Cass), and readers can help that happen by purchasing the other books I have available on Amazon and other retailers. Posting reviews online and sharing your love for my books on social media is also a huge help and is greatly appreciated!

Other urban fantasy books of mine include:  Where Angels Fear (Adult UF) and Subtle Fire (Ya UF). Sequels for both of those books are planned for sometime in 2020. I also plan to launch my steampunk UF series featuring the twin daughters of Changeling Jane Austen next year. I’ll share the gorgeous cover for Book 1, Plague and Pestilence, in early 2020.

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