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Whew, I am once again way overdue for a more substantive update (okay, ANY update), so I just wanted to give a quick one now to announce the news that I will be indie-publishing an urban fantasy of mine called Reborn in Fire. I absolutely love this book and hope that readers will, too. I am planning to offer this for sale via Kindle (and hopefully some other places) within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that. If this one sells decently, my hope is to then be able to write and publish Fury 4 (tentatively titled White-Knuckled Fear) sometime in the not-so-distant future. I would be able to use some/most of the profit from RIF to have a professional cover in the same style as the first three designed, and to have it professionally edited. So if you are eagerly anticipating more Shades of Fury books, please get the word out there and help support RIF! All support is appreciated greatly.

My agent also has an epic fantasy proposal called Stormstruck, which we hope to submit to NY publishers soon, so hopefully I’ll have even more exciting news to report later.

Here is the cover for Reborn in Fire, along with the blurb.

Cassidy Grant just died for the first time. She wakes amid flames after being murdered: naked and unsinged. A stranger rescues Cass before her murderers can return. Jake’s touch ignites her as surely as fire’s caress, but he forces her to face facts she would rather deny. She is no longer quite human, and a group of fanatics will stop at nothing to kill the Phoenix a second time. Permanently.

Jake possesses the same affinity with earth that she does with fire. And though as indestructible as the dragons his kind are named for, he is vulnerable to the magic drawing him to Cass. Now his sanity depends upon convincing the woman he rescued that she should bind herself to him for the rest of their not-so-natural lives.

Skeptical Cass must learn to harness her newfound abilities and trust that Jake’s feelings for her won’t flash and fade away. The only alternatives are madness—or being used as a pawn by her murderers to destroy all she cares for. Including Jake.


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