Getting Back Into Action: First Page Preview from White-Knuckled Fear (Fury 4)

So I’m working on getting back into action with regular social media posts (mostly Twitter, but some in Facebook and working on posting here more) and regular writing. I just finished an SF/dystopian science fiction proposal for my fabulous agent, Ginger Clark, for a book that’s a reverse Blade Runner (with the androids in control) meets Hunger Games. In between continuing with the rest of that book, I’m finally picking back up on White-Knuckled Fear, the tentative title for Shades of Fury 4. This is a labor of love that I am completing for my amazing readers and myself, and I’m determined to put this out even though there’s been a big gap between Book 3 and 4. Hoping to put this out either later this year or early next year.

Here’s a quick preview from the first page. I’ll share snippets here and there as I work, mostly to keep myself accountable so that I keep plugging ahead!


Plenty of lovers fought like hell to make long-distance relationships work. However, I was willing to bet that none of them had to contend with inter-dimensional commutes or lovers cursed with three-quarters of a Death God’s soul. Add in my full-time job as Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator and my part-time gig as Nemesis to the Immortal Triad, and it was no wonder Scott and I found little time to make the magic happen. Although at this point, I would settle for making the mediocre happen.

Still, considering how close both of us had come to becoming permanent underworld residents ourselves, it could have been a whole lot worse.

“Are you even listening to a word I’m saying?”

The exasperated voice of my best friend and police partner Trinity Larue put an end to my self-pity party. Also the possessor of the final one-quarter of that Death God’s soul, she was dealing with the stresses of inter-dimensional commutes and juggling multiple responsibilities herself. Not to mention trying to make a months-old relationship with my Giant friend Charlie work. At least Scott and I had the history of years behind us. Even if for most of those, we had been in an off-again phase of our relationship. Oh, the Days of Our Arcane (and Partially Immortal) Lives.

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7 Responses

  1. Linda Pierce says:

    I LOVE your Furies series. I’ve read them multiple times while waiting for another. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Agnes says:

    Omg! Yes I have been so worried that this wouldn’t happen!

  3. kaseymack says:

    Thanks for your patience Agnes. I’m enjoying writing from Riss’s POV again and hope the book is worth the wait! 🙂

  4. kaseymack says:

    Thanks so much, Linda. I’m working hard to get this one out, ideally this year if the stars align. 🙂

  5. PaterFrog says:

    Oh god, I honestly did not expect to ever be able to read the continuation of this series. I suppose my faith in not deleting unfinished series bookmarks and diligently checking them every few months for years on end has finally been rewarded. XD

  6. kaseymack says:

    Thank you for your faith, and I hope not to let you down! 🙂

  7. Shiina says:

    Is this still going to be published? And was this the end of the series?

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