Official Forged from Flame Release Date: May 1, 2019

Happy April! Don’t miss the chance to buy my first new book in years! Forged from Flame is up for preorder on Amazon, as well as B&N, Apple, Kobo, and A&R. Book 1 is already available on Amazon and goes wide (meaning it will be available in those other outlets as well) later this month.

I will also be making this available for libraries via Overdrive in the near future. FFF releases on May 1, and I plan to release Books 3 and 4 in this first quartet in the months after that. More Untamed Elements quartets will follow, including another from Cass’s POV. Print versions (POD) of all books will also be available a little later. I’m super excited about this series!

The release of Forged from Flame was delayed just a wee bit due mostly to my struggling with cubital tunnel syndrome (affects the ulnar nerve that runs through the elbow to the pink and half the ring finger rather than carpal tunnel which affects the wrist). I really do appreciate everyone’s patience! The good news is that I’m planning for fast releases of Books 3 and 4.

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