Hot New Academy UF Series Out Now!

I’m thrilled to say that Eternal Academy Book 1: A Witch’s Beating Heart is now available on both Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Don’t miss the start to this exciting new series! Book 2 is scheduled to release in late August, so you won’t have long to wait! Buy now:

* * *

My twin Misty and I may have been brought up poor witch trash in the Gloaming’s only trailer park, butour magic is strong as hell and we plan to take this shadow realm by storm now that we’ve graduated high school. We think our dreams have come true the day an engraved invitation to Eternal Academy arrives. The truth is that we’ve never been in more danger…

Eighteen years ago the Witch Queen failed to have us killed. Only she doesn’t know that! Somebody else does know the truth and sends us an invitation to the witching world’s most prestigious university–an invitation we can’t refuse.

Nobody says no to an Eternal Academy education, and nobody’s ever crossed the Witch Queen and lived to tell the tale. Will my sister and I be the first–or will she cut out our hearts for real this time?

* * *

And because I forgot to make an official post on the website, I just wanted to mention that Untamed Elements: Phoenix on the Rise, Book 2: Forged from Flame also came out last month. Book 3, Embraced by Embers, will release on July 30 and is available for pre-order now!

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