A Witch’s Captive Soul

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Lose yourself in this New Adult academy urban fantasy loosely inspired by Snow White by an author Karen Chance calls “brilliant”…

Book 1: A Witch’s Beating Heart and Book 2: A Witch’s Dark Curse now in the Eternal Academy series now available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited! Book 3: A Witch’s Captive Soul, forthcoming in January, 2020.

Praise for the Eternal Academy Series:

“Yes girl yes! All the intrigue, suspense, and mystery you could want in this witchy para. Crystal and Misty have a lot to learn and not much time to figure it out. It’s a twisted tale that is a little reminiscent of Snow White and I enjoyed it very much. Definitely be back for book two.” -Amazon Reviewer

“This book has adventure and mystery all wrapped into one! The author pulls a little bit of fairy tale and runs with it adding intrigue and adventure enough to make me want more!” -Amazon Reviewer

“I liked this book quite a lot. The mix of the average witch academy with Greek mythology was something new. I am looking forward to the next release.” -Amazon Reviewer