The Psychic Storm Series

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One volatile psychic-in-training and one sexy fallen angel seeking redemption stand between the mortal world and the forces of evil. Better start praying.

Storm O’Malley’s psychic gifts are a time bomb waiting to go off. She has one last chance to avoid being completely wiped from existence after nearly killing her latest angelic mentor: trusting yet another Pathlighter to train her where his predecessors have failed. There’s just one small catch. Damien’s no ordinary angel—he’s the Fallen.

Fallen as in used to rub elbows with Lucifer and work for the shady syndicate known as the Diablerie. Seems he’s now seeking redemption and needs her just as much as she needs him. Storm must join forces with this sinfully sexy angel if she’s to have any hope of training her volatile powers without killing herself or others. Not to mention stop a kidnapper abducting children on the cusp of psychic manifestation before any more can be taken. No pressure or anything.