Embraced by Embers

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Whoever coined the term dysfunctional family must have had my evil, deadbeat father in mind.

Not only has he killed me several times—too bad for him my Phoenix powers keep bringing me back—but he’s also trying to take over the world. Literally. Thank goodness I now have two siblings by my side. Our liegebond is growing just as strong as my magical ties to the love of my life, Jake. After we send double agents to infiltrate our father’s headquarters to report his every dirty move, we think we’re finally gaining the edge in this bloody war.

Except it turns out we have our own mole to worry about, something that becomes frighteningly clear when deadly assassins keep getting way too close for comfort. Is the traitor one of my new liegesworn who are supposed to be magically bound to protect me above all else? Or is it someone even closer; someone whose betrayal will cut me to the bone?

Battle lines are being drawn, but it’s getting difficult to tell who is on which side. My powers may be increasing—but so is my emotional vulnerability. And if we don’t figure out who the traitor is, Daddy Dearest just might succeed in making his cruel vision of the future a reality. Leaving my loved ones dead, mind-controlled minions, or the traitor who brought my entire world crashing down.