Ignited by Ashes

Book cover for Ignited by Ashes

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Like discovering I had a mind-controlling father determined to conquer the world wasn’t bad enough. Now I’ve also got a dream-invading brother and magic-stealing sister following in Daddy Dearest’s evil footsteps. It’s almost enough to make me wish I’d never found my birth family.
Fortunately, not all my newfound relatives play for Team Evil. Those who don’t are just as dedicated to stopping our father’s awful agenda as I am. If only I can learn how to control the terrifying Mindbender powers stirring inside me—without losing myself to darkness.
No pressure.
On the plus side, my legendary predecessor long believed dead agrees to train me to use Spirit magic now that I’ve gotten a handle on my Fire powers. On the down side? Team Evil knows how to hit me where it hurts, by striking out at those I care about most.
They should have learned hurting those I love doesn’t just make me get mad—it guarantees I’ll get even. Now my allies and I are going to teach them that painful lesson one more time. Even if it means I need to die (again) trying.
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