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Getting Back Into Action: First Page Preview from White-Knuckled Fear (Fury 4)

So I’m working on getting back into action with regular social media posts (mostly Twitter, but some in Facebook and working on posting here more) and regular writing. I just finished an SF/dystopian science fiction proposal for my fabulous agent, Ginger Clark, for a book that’s a reverse Blade Runner (with the androids in control) meets Hunger Games. In between continuing with the rest of that book, I’m finally picking back up on White-Knuckled Fear, the tentative title for Shades of Fury 4. This is a labor of love that I am completing for my amazing readers and myself, and I’m determined to put this out even though there’s been a big gap between Book 3 and 4. Hoping to put this out either later this year or early next year.

Here’s a quick preview from the first page. I’ll share snippets here and there as I work, mostly to keep myself accountable so that I keep plugging ahead! (more…)

Update on Shades of Fury, etc….

Life has been seriously kicking me in the behind the past few years (including the deaths of several close family members), but I just wanted to give all my awesome and loyal readers an update.  Never fear on Book 4 of Shades of Fury:  It’s still on the back burner for the moment (out of necessity), but I do not plan to leave my readers hanging.  There will be more Shades of Fury books in the future, one way or another.  I’m just trying to work out the logistics at the moment, but I’m planning to start Book 4 any day now.  In the meantime, I have been working on fiction proposals for my wonderful literary agent, Ginger Clark.  Once I have more to report in that avenue, I will do so.

I will also give an update once I actually get the chance to start work on Shades of Fury 4.  Right now, the tentative title for that is White-Knuckled Fear, and I am eager to get back to telling the stories of the characters and world I love so much.  I am in the midst of re-reading the first 3 books and taking notes so that I am ready to jump back into it when I can.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and support.  Your comments about how much you love the series have meant a lot to me!  🙂

Blackhearted Betrayal is Out!!!

I have to say that this release date kind of snuck up on me.  In fact, I forgot to post an update on the actual release date (June 26th), but Blackhearted Betrayal is now available everywhere!  Well, you know, available in bookstores and for Kindle and Nook electronically, as well as via the book bookselling websites.  =)  This book is near and dear to my heart because it was so difficult to write when so many things in my life were falling apart, but it represents the strength I found (from within and thanks to my family) to push through and finish it.  I also think it’s the best book I’ve written so far.  We get to see things falling apart in Riss’s life and the supernatural world as a whole, and watch as SHE finds the strength from both herself and her loved ones to push through and come out on top, as she always tries to do.  It’s not a perfect book by any means–I don’t think there’s any such thing, really–but it’s the best book I could write at the time.  I hope that you enjoy it!

I’m trying to put together some blog appearances and such, and I’ll link to those as they happen.  I’m also planning to participate in a multi-author booksigning at Rose’s Book House in O’Fallon, MO on Saturday, July 14th.  I’ll post more details on that when I have them.  I also plan to appear at Archon in Collinsville, IL (near St Louis, MO) later this year.

I’ll also work on doing some book giveaways once I get my author copies of Blackhearted Betrayal.  =)

Blackhearted Betrayal Cover Art…

I’m thrilled to be able to share the fabulous cover for Shades of Fury Book 3,
Blackhearted Betrayal.  Every time I think Judy York and the Ace Art
Department can’t amaze me more, they prove me wrong!  I love this new
cover SO much!  So, without further ado, here it is:

Green-Eyed Envy ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Contest…

So, in honor of the fact I have an ARC left and Green-Eyed Envy officially releases in less than a month, I am holding a contest to give that ARC away to one lucky reader.  This contest is open to people anywhere and everywhere in the world and I will ship the ARC to the winner at my own expense.  All that said, here are the contest details:

Take a look at the first volume of the Mortal Guide to the Gens Arcana, Vol. 1 graciously provided by the BSIMAR (Boston Society for the Improvement of Mortal/Arcane Relations).  Write a one-paragraph explanation for which class of Fury you would like to belong to if you were a Fury, and why, in the comments section to this post.  Contest will be open until 12:00 AM Sunday, June 5, 2011.  I will then randomly select a winner and announce it on my website/Facebook/Twitter.  The winner should then email me his or her name and mailing address so I can ship the ARC ASAP.

I’m really looking forward to everyone’s responses and can’t wait to read them!

Starred Publishers Weekly Review for Green-Eyed Envy…

I’m completely thrilled to share that Green-Eyed Envy has earned my second starred review from Publishers Weekly.  Considering how hard I worked to avoid the infamous “sophomore slump” on this book, I couldn’t be happier with this news!

“Marissa ‘Riss’ Holloway, chief magical investigator and Fury, takes on Boston’s first arcane serial killer in this engrossing sequel to 2010’s Red Hot Fury. For thousands of years, bitter hatred between Cats and Hounds has been the norm, and when three Cats are ritualistically tortured and viciously killed, the Hounds are the obvious suspects. All three victims were also ex-boyfriends of the first supernatural FBI special agent, Harper Cruz, who once had a fling with Riss’s current boyfriend, Warhound Scott Murphy. Harper’s upcoming marriage to a Hound might be the impetus behind the slayings, so Riss goes undercover as Harper’s wedding planner. Mackenzie’s writing is clean and clever; the plot is twisty and intriguing; and Riss’s charm and sass elevate her above many other fantasy heroines.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review.

Sneak Peek at Green-Eyed Envy, Chapter 1!

I’ve posted the first chapter of Green-Eyed Envy.  Go forth and enjoy!

In other news, I am working on getting an answer on when Red Hot Fury will be available electronically.  Yes, still.  Sorry it’s taking so long but I will update as soon as I know the answer!  Additionally, I am trying to schedule an author event with the St. Louis County and/or St. Louis City Public Library.  I’ll update when I have more news on that, as well.

Hard to believe that Green-Eyed Envy will be out in two short months.  I’m hard at work on Book 3, tentatively titled Blackhearted Betrayal.  (At least that’s what I’m leaning toward today.  Final choice will be up to my publisher!)

Green-Eyed Envy Available for Pre-Order and E-books to Come!

I’m excited to announce that Green-Eyed Envy is now available for pre-order from  The publication date is June 28, 2011 and I should be getting the cover any day now.  I’ve turned the book in to my editor and am just waiting for her revision notes so I can go through the first round of edits.  This is all just about as exciting for book 2 as it was for book 1, and I hope I never get to that “jaded” point with this process.  While I worked my booty off to get to this point, I know just how blessed and lucky I am to be publishing such a great series with an awesome publisher.  The folks at Ace/Roc have just been fantastic to work with and, of course, I couldn’t be happier with my “rockstar” agent, Ginger Clark.

Now if only I can get back into that habit of regular updates again!  Life is busy, but I promise to try harder to do better.  =)

Additionally, while I don’t have any official dates to share yet, I can confirm that both Red Hot Fury and Green-Eyed Envy will be available as e-books.  More details to follow as I get them.  Thanks to all my lovely readers and future readers for the support and comments.

Red Hot Fury Gets Starred Review in Publishers Weekly!

Exciting news:  Red Hot Fury received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.  Totally unexpected but I am absolutely thrilled!

“Urban fantasy readers looking for something new will thrill to this exhilarating debut, populated with creatures from Greek myth. To end a war between mortals and supernatural arcanes, the Furies stepped in to be peacemakers. Now Fury Marissa “Riss” Holloway helps mortal police in Boston solve magical crimes. When a corpse that looks like another Fury washes up from the harbor, Riss quickly realizes it’s a fake and connects it to a recent series of disappearances, but both the police and the Sisterhood of Furies stonewall her investigation. Riss has only one place to turn: her ex, Scott Murphy, a shape-shifting Warhound. As they start to uncover the truth, Scott and Riss also uncover their still-strong feelings for one another. Riss is the perfect urban fantasy heroine–fresh, sassy, smart, and determined–and a cavalcade of fully developed side characters keep this twisty tale moving quickly.”  (Publishers Weekly)