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Temporary Tattoos (Not Final)

So, this is a (nonfinal) proof of the temporary tattoos I’m having designed to give away at the Romantic Times Convention next month (and leading up to release date).  I am so in love with the design my awesome friend J from AW (and I have TOTALLY got to get the website she wants  me to link to for credit purposes) has done for me.  So here, look, and lust!!!

Teaser Tuesday: Snippet from Green Eyed Envy, Fury Book 2…

Here’s a teaser from Red Hot Fury’s sequel, Green Eyed Envy, which I’m currently working on:

Barely an hour later I had ditched the hot pink negligee (and horniness) for my red leather Fury uniform.   Scott and I waited for Harper outside the branch of the city morgue that housed arcane corpses.  Her job for the FBI made her no stranger to after-hour telephone calls summoning her to check out a body, but this was the first time her duty was to ID the corpse rather than investigate its murder.

Of course, she didn’t know that yet.  Neither Scott nor I had the heart to break the news over the phone, especially since she lived by herself.  Way more tactful to just tell her I needed an assist on a case and give her the morbid news in person.  On the selfish side, I was glad that it would be her to ID the victim, rather than his immediate family members.  At least we could spare them that.

I don’t know who was more surprised—Scott or me—when Harper showed up so very not by herself.  And, by the possessive way the black-haired, golden-eyed, dark-skinned Adonis held her hand, we could have broken the news to her over the phone with no regret.  No way she’d been alone at her place when she got my call.  And by the designer clothes Adonis wore like a second skin, I was willing to bet she hadn’t been at her place at all.  Wait…dark skin and yellow eyes.  Holy shit.  Harp’s bagged herself another Hound!


Red Hot Fury News: Full-Page Ad in Berkley July Catalog

Hopefully others will find this at least half as exciting as I do.  The awesome folks at Penguin/Berkley have included a full-age ad for Red Hot Fury in their July catalog primarily aimed toward booksellers.  I think they did a fantastic job with it and I’m just so grateful and thrilled!  You can take a look at the ad via my page dedicated to booksellers and librarians.

My Red Hot Cover, Let Me Show You It!!!

I am pleased as punch (spiked if you prefer it that way) to be able to share my amazingly gorgeous cover with you.  The Ace art department has done a FABULOUS job of bringing Riss, my very own Red Hot Fury, to life and I absolutely love this cover.  Props also go to my stupendous editor, Jessica Wade, who has also done a fantastic job bringing this cover to fruition.

So, without further ado, here it is!


Eeeee!  Only 5 more months until I am an official published author!!!!!!!!!!