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Reborn in Fire – First Three Chapters…

It will soon be official! I have uploaded Reborn in Fire to Kindle KDP and it should soon be live. I will update once it is available. In the meantime, please enjoy the first three chapters. If you like them, please consider buying the entire e-book from Kindle and spreading the news. Every little bit helps, and will make it easier for me to write and self-publish Shades of Fury Book 4. Thank you!


Reborn in Fire…by Kasey Mackenzie

Chapter One

The investigation started out normally enough, but when masked men dressed like extras in a Bruce Lee movie burst into the warehouse, even an idiot could have predicted that someone was about to meet a Very Bad End. Unfortunately, that someone turned out to be me.

From outside, the building appeared no different from the dozens of others in this industrial neighborhood. But while all the nearby warehouses bustled with activity from sunup to sundown, this one remained empty for no good reason. Supposedly, the joint was haunted. I rolled my eyes, wondering for the thousandth time how otherwise sane people could buy into the whole paranormal schtick. Then again, that penchant for gullibility did keep me gainfully employed. Yeah, people actually paid me to search for things that went bump in the night; but so far, I’d turned up nothing more fearsome than a tomcat on the prowl.