Shattered Radiance

The St. Louis Shadow Wolves Series:
a Why choose paranormal romance series

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My sister’s murder forced me to embrace the Shadowed Radiance I tried so long to keep buried. Unleashing that dark power to save my two nieces nearly shattered the magical bond uniting me with my three sexy Shadow Wolves and, through them, the St. Louis Pack. Our enemies assumed they could divide and conquer us before our bond solidified.

They thought wrong.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that’s no less true for the Shattered Radiance I must now heal in order to reach my full potential. Because I’m going to need every ounce of power I can summon to keep my nieces and the three Shadow Wolves I’ve come to love safe from those who seek to destroy us all.

Mother Moon have mercy on our enemies, because after all of the blood they’ve shed coming for us, we sure won’t…