Spellbound Radiance

The St. Louis Shadow Wolves Series:
a Why choose paranormal romance series

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Embracing the dark magic I’ve spent my whole life suppressing was no easy feat. Learning how to master it nearly broke both me and my bond with the three Shadow Wolves I’ve learned to love. But denying that power meant I failed to save my sister and nearly failed to protect my nieces.

With enemies and traitors now crawling out of the woodwork, I must learn how to use the bond with my Shadow Wolves to help control this Spellbound Radiance growing inside. But first, I’ve got to repair the cracks in our new relationship caused by my own stubborn pride.

Failure to fix those means we won’t have a chance in hell of standing against the group intent on starting a magical civil war. They don’t care how many innocents die in the crossfire. And if they get their way, my nieces will join their parents on the other side of the Veil…