The Magical Ties That Bind Series

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Free Djinn Jasminah has the ex-boyfriend from hell: an evil genie who tricked her into freeing him from the prison that protected the mortal realm from his psycho ways. The elder Djinn banish Jazz from their realm until she can recapture Khaleel, or else face permanent banishment from all she holds dear.

Jazz tracks Khaleel to a high school in the mortal realm where strange deaths have been occurring. She befriends Aubrie Chastain after rescuing her from the school’s bullying queen bee. Jazz never expects herself to break the Djinn’s most sacred rule by starting to actually care about the mortal she’s supposed to view as only a Magical energy source.

She soon realizes that something much worse than Khaleel is hunting the streets of Claybourne: a secret, flesh-eating race of Djinn that make the Ifrit look cute and cuddly. She must team up with her evil ex in order to stop the murdering, cannibalizing monster now stalking the mortal realm. Banishment has become the least of her concerns. Failure to stop the Ghul means almost certain death—and the loss of her immortal soul.